How to use 120x Game Booster pro App #3 Game Booster App on Play Store

120X Game booster pro App : #3 App On Playstore


How can you use 120x game booster pro app?

So to know the answer you have to look into game booster ui, it’s cool, compact and crash free. The best part is, it contains Ping that mean you just have to launch the app and go inside the app.

Click on Add Button and add all existing games present in your phone, now enable auto mode and fps mode that’s it.


Launch the game inside the 120x game booster pro app and play your favorite game without any lag.


What is my personal experience?

Well, i had tried it on my Realme 7 Phone and it works well, i had tried COD and i love the game play after installing this cool app.

How can you get this app?

Well you can install this app in just 0.99 USD directly from play store.

Here is the link :


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